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Because love is generous and solidary, the chain of love reverses 10% of the subscription in a charitable organization for each recorded declaration on the site. Choose your very favorite association on the declaration form.

And if you want to go further, visit the website of the cause you want to defend !

L’Association du Syndrome de Lowe

The Lowe’s Syndrome Association, recognized charity, brings together families and friends of patients with Lowe syndrome. This rare genetic disease affects the eyes , kidneys and the brain and only affects boys. The ASL includes 40 families of patients under Philippe Ferrer’s chairmanship, communications consultant in the Montpellier region. Professor Remi Salomon ( Necker Hospital ) chairman the scientific council of the association.

Le site de l’ASL

Project rescue ocean

Ocean rescue Project is an association that aims to raise awareness, educate and find solutions with the younger and old alike against pollution of our seas and oceans through actions in schools as well as beaches.
Project rescue ocean remains persuaded that a kid made sensitive on the pollution and of the ecological impact of the fauna and the flora in marine environment will become a responsible adult.

"So that mentalities must change"
Benoit Schumann - Chairman.

Site Facebook de Project rescue ocean

Which hospitality for the madness ?

It is not accidentally that people who were passionate about the surrealist movement cultivated love of the madness … The Association " Which hospitality for the madness? " professional groups of families and sicks from psychological troubles. The association defends practices of humanist care using the concentration. She wishes to protect the peculiarity and the originality of the places of welcome for the madness.

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